20 & 21 February 2020

The platform economy has introduced a convenient way to match those in need of services to those who can offer them, all with a click of a button. New technologies are challenging and changing work and labour markets. Can the Nordic Model thrive in the age of robots and artificial intelligence? What is being done today and what are the challenges of tomorrow?

Reshaping Work Stockholm brings together academics, policymakers, business and unions for two days of dialogue on the future of work. The conference features academic paper presentations, enlightening key note speakers, engaging panelists and opportunities for participants to bring their experience and expertise to roundtable discussions. Together we will penetrate the impact of the platform economy on societies. We will discuss what happens when traditional firms as well as public institutions adapt data-driven analysis and algorithmic management. We will address challenges of data management, ethics and sustainability. And many issues in between.

Reshaping Work Stockholm is organized by Unionen, the largest trade union in Sweden, the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum  and Entrepreneurs Without Borders. 

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Virginia Dignum

Keynote speaker
Professor of Social and Ethical Artificial Intelligence at Umeå University

Tobias Porserud

Vice President of and President of The AppJobs Institute

Robert Torvelainen

Senior Public Policy Associate, Uber

Rebecca Filis

The Swedish Tax Agency

Nisha Besara

Political Scientist

Mats Elzén

Client development advisor

Martin Linder

Opening speaker
President of Unionen

Koen Frenken 

Keynote speaker
Professor in innovation studies at Utrecht university

Katarina Lundahl

Closing speaker
Chief Economist and acting Policy Director of Unionen

Irene Wennemo

Director-General, the National Mediation Office

Evgueni Vinogradov

PhD, Senior Researcher and former Research Director at Nordland Research Institute

Donnie SC Lygonis

Founder/CEO at Entrepreneurs Without Borders. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Christina Öberg

Professor/Chair in Marketing, Örebro University

Bogdan Szyber 

PhD Candidate and Director of MoAR – Museum of Artistic Research

Birgit Leick

Østfold University College

Anna Ilsøe

Associate Professor, FAOS, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.