20 & 21 February 2020

Brilliant technologies are changing labour markets. Whether it be through increased automation of cognitive tasks or the wide-spread adaptation of algorithmic management practices in firms, many of these changes are likely to be profound. With profound change comes both great opportunities and great challenges. From a Nordic perspective, labour market actors have a long tradition of embracing technological change, granted well-functioning safety nets and labour market institutions help afflicted individuals move on to better jobs. Can the Nordic model survive the age of robots and artificial intelligence? What is being done today and what are the challenges of tomorrow? At the Reshaping Work Nordics Conference, we bring actors from academia as well as the private and public spheres together to discuss these issues from Nordic, European and global perspectives.


Catharina Winther

Event Coordinator

Victor Bernhardtz

Ombudsman for digital labour markets

Fredrik Söderqvist

Industrial Economics

Johan Eklund

Chair, Head of Scientific Committee